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JELLYFISH White portable lamp Ref. 24524
JELLYFISH is a set of designer lamps created by Nahtrang. Its name comes from its shape reminiscent of a jellyfish. With a rounded black head and a balanced and attractive structure produces a perfect light for the home. This white portable lamp is perfect for modern living rooms, bedrooms and contract spaces.
This lamp has 9 hour of battery life. You can adjust the intensity of the light:3,2W 300Lm / 2W 200Lm / 1W 100Lm 2700K.
Технические характеристики
Модель 24524
Лампа 2700K 1st intensity < 87 lum, 2nd intensity ~ 87 lum , 3rd intensity ~ 124 lum
Лампы в комплекте Yes
Трансформатор Driver
Трансформатор в комплекте Yes
IP 20
Напряжение 220-240V
Частота 50/60Hz
Класс III
Материал Metal
Длина, мм 170 mm
Высота, мм 310 mm
Ширина, мм 150 mm
Вес, кг 2.10 kg
Объем, м3 0.04858 m3
EAN Code 8421776160873
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