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TAKE AWAY LED Black portable lamp Ref. 01016
This portable lamp has a modern and funny design. You can go with it wherever you want. It is designed by Nahtrang. Its handle allows you move it easily and its dimmable warm light is perfect for light up your home, outdoor or festival nights. Its wood base gives more stability. This lamp has 5 hour of battery life. Hours of operation according to consumption: 1W -15h, 2W-10h, 3W 5h.
Технические характеристики
Модель 01016
Лампа LED 3W 3000K 1W -15H / 2W-10H / 3W 5H RECARGA 3/4 HORAS
Лампы в комплекте Yes
Трансформатор Driver
Трансформатор в комплекте Yes
IP 20
Класс III
Материал Polycarbonate and wood
Длина, мм 118 mm
Высота, мм 200 mm
Вес, кг 0.32 kg
Объем, м3 0.00688 m3
EAN Code 8421776146501
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