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FUGA MEDIUM Black projector LED FOOD 24W fruit&bread 24° Ref. 20310
FUGA MEDIUM version is a family of tubular format projectors. They can be adjusted in their 350° vertical axis and in their 90° horizontal axis. All the components are housed inside the projector case, obtaining a clean design.
The projectors distribute light to where it is needed, since they can be directed. LED FOOD technology for bread, fruit, vegetables and cheese highlights the features of these foods by bringing out their natural shine. The black 24° version is ideal as accent lighting in display cases, shop windows, restaurants and hotels
Технические характеристики
Модель 20310
Лампа LED 24W FRUITS 24°
Лампы в комплекте Yes
Трансформатор Driver
Трансформатор в комплекте No
Напряжение 100-240V
Материал Die cast aluminium, aluminium reflector and template glass diffuser
Длина, мм 85 mm
Высота, мм 235 mm
Вес, кг 1.61 kg
EAN Code 8421776154971
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