TRAM Dark grey pole lamp Ref. 75532
TRAM is a set of designer lamps by Estudi Ribaudí. These lamps have an urban style and a high protection against rain and solids. TRAM gives light 360°, its diffuser joins the structure in an original way, it lets the light to be filtered by different slots causing a game of lights. The pole lamp incorpotes LED technology. Manufactured from aluminium with finish-micro-textured and dark gray. It’s made of aluminium with microtextured finished.
Технические характеристики
Модель 75532
Лампа SMD LED 36W 3000K 2700Lm
Лампы в комплекте Yes
Трансформатор Driver
Трансформатор в комплекте Yes
IP 65
Напряжение 100-240V
Частота 50/60Hz
Класс I
Материал Aluminium and PMMA diffuser
Длина, мм 96 mm
Высота, мм 2500 mm
Ширина, мм 96 mm
Диаметр, мм 96 Ø
Вес, кг 9.00 kg
Объем, м3 0.09206 m3
EAN Code 8421776088573
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